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Pray For Others
  • Pray for my daughter’s safety; shots were fired on her school’s campus.

  • Pray for Lili’s little nieces; pray for protection and assurance of God’s love and presence in their hearts.   

  • Pray for Bonnie’s health. Pray her pain subdues, she surrenders to God and grows in her faith.   

  • Pray for my husband; he will be having heart surgery on February 29.  Pray the Lord gives him peace knowing He is with him and the doctors.   

  • Pray for Jannet.  Pray for her salvation and protection.    

  • Pray for Steven. Pray the Lord brings him to His feet and breaks the chains of addiction setting him free.           

  • Pray for Trei, his little sister and his parents.  Pray God guides Trei and fills him with discernment and strength. Pray God protects his little sister and fills his parents with His love and peace.   

  • Pray for my daughter; she’s due to deliver soon.

  • Pray for Clara and her mom.  Pray for their health and finances. 

  • Pray for Michael.  Pray he draws closer to the Lord, stops using drugs, and works on restoring his marriage.     

  • Pray for Amanda. Pray for her healing and wisdom so the doctors can find out what’s causing her headaches.

  • Pray for Marcy’s healing; she has cancer.   

  • Pray for Sharon’s healing and testing she’s having done.  Pray for strength to keep her eyes on the Lord through it all. 

  • Pray I can manage stress at work, and for all bullying, mistreatment, and hostility to stop.   

  • Pray for Tonya’s health and issues.  

  • Pray for Tim’s business.

  • Pray for Tom to come to know Jesus and have the peace of God over the loss of his wife.

  • Pray for Michael. Pray for the Lord’s will in his calling and his obedience to the Lord’s calling.    

  • Pray for baby Olive, who is battling a life-threatening virus.  Pray for strength and peace for the family.   

  • Pray for baby Dominic; he’s having open heart surgery.  Pray everything goes well and for strength and peace for the family.

  • Pray for Daniel's upcoming surgery. 

  • Pray for Steven; he fractured his arm. Pray for a full and swift recovery.       

  • Pray I can work a 4/10 schedule so I can go to church on Sundays and Wednesdays. 

  • Pray for Trina. Pray that the infection she has goes away and never comes back.    Pray for Luke and Carly.  Pray for God’s will and guidance in buying a house.       

  • Pray I can have a godly relationship with my daughter Carina. 

  • Pray for Leroy; pray he seeks God’s forgiveness and can keep his job.

  • Pray for Teresa; pray she returns to the church, experiences God’s love, surrenders to Him and learns to forgive. 

  • Pray for my children to have the guidance and courage to seek God in everything they do.    

  • Pray for Gina’s daughter and granddaughter.  Pray they find an apartment and they continue coming to church.              

  • Pray for me; nothing seems to be going right.   

  • Pray for James, his mission trip to Costa Rica and his new book.  Pray God will provide for his trip and use him to encourage and exhort others.     

  • Pray for Steve’s healing from pancreatic cancer. Pray God uses the radiation treatment to heal him.   

  • Pray for Darlene; she has breast cancer and is in excruciating pain. Pray for her upcoming chemo treatment, procedures and the doctor treating her.  

  • Pray for David, Laurie, Hannah and Nathan; pray God would restore their health, save their lost family members and bless their business. 

  • Pray for Gina to remain faithful to what the Lord has set forth for her.    

  • Pray for my husband and my sister-in-law, as their mother passed away.  Pray for comfort, peace and strength. 

  • Pray the mechanic finds the issue with my vehicle and that it passes the smog test.   

  • Pray for my sister; she’s in the hospital with an unknown illness.

  • Pray for Anthony; his cancer has progressed.  Pray for healing, that he seeks God’s will, and for comfort and strength for him and his family.   

  • Pray for Patricia and Joseph.  Pray they find work soon and the Lord keeps them healthy and strong.

  • Pray for my sister; she’s in the hospital with an unknown illness.

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

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