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Pray For Others
  • Pray for Sophia’s safety and salvation.

  • Pray for my brother, Robert, who has cancer.  Pray for comfort during this time as I mourn the passing of a family member.

  • Pray for my upcoming wedding and my new family.  Pray God would take away any pride I may have.  Pray for my digestive issues.

  • Pray God brings me peace so that I will not have anxiety or stress anymore.

  • Pray my mind will stay focused on God. Pray I yield to His direction in my life.

  • Pray my daughter may forgive me and find peace in her heart.

  • Pray for Marcus, who just entered rehab.  Pray he will get clean and finish his treatment.

  • Pray for Sadie, who urgently needs a lung transplant. Pray for the doctors who are treating her.

  • Pray for the Garcia family.

  • Pray God gives wisdom to the doctors treating my brother. Pray they diagnose the problem.

  • Praise God! Natalia is home and doing well.

  • Pray for my pregnancy and my unborn twins.  Pray God will have his hands on my pregnancy.

  • Pray for all unsaved family members.

  • Pray for my walk with the Lord; I have doubts and need healing and peace.

  • Pray for Mike and Alyssa’s salvation.

  • Pray for my daughter and her husband, who are having house and car troubles.

  • Pray for my upcoming surgeries.  Pray all goes well.

  • Pray for my dad, whose health is declining.

  • Pray for traveling mercies for my daughter.

  • Pray God would save my family.

  • Pray for my marriage.  Pray my children and grandchildren will begin attending church.

  • Pray for my wife, who has headaches and depression.  Pray God will heal her mind and body.

  • Pray for David, who has terrible pain when he walks.

  • Pray for my son, who has pride and anger issues.  Pray God would soften his heart.

  • Pray my daughter would surrender her life to the Lord.

  • Pray for my brother, Alfred; he suffers from pneumonia and congestive heart failure.

  • Pray for our financial situation.  Pray I provide for my family and get out of debt.

  • Pray for my family to stop fighting and for my dad’s anger issues.

  • Pray for Steve’s continued healing.

  • Pray my son’s marriage may be restored.

  • Pray for a family’s financial difficulties.

  • Pray our business grows and God blesses our family.

  • Pray my son-in-law fully recovers from his addiction and reconciles with the family he left behind.

  • Pray for my excruciating lower back pain.

  • Pray for my son, Carlos, to be delivered from his drug addiction and return to Christ.

  • Pray for Troy’s healing of his shoulder pain.

  • Pray for my marriage and mental health.

  • Pray the Lord will heal my body and spirit.

  • Pray for my grandson, Antonio, and his anger issues.

  • Praise God!  I am well and back to work.

  • Pray for Tonya’s salvation and addictions.

  • Pray for my son, Roy.  Pray he would come to know the Lord and His love.

  • Pray for me.  I need wisdom, direction, peace, healing, strength, and spiritual growth.

  • Pray for our finances, our health, and our family’s salvation.

  • Pray for my health.  Pray for my relationship with Anthony and my family’s salvation.

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

Thank You! We Will Be Praying For Your Request

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