• Pray for approval from Rent Relief, our finances, and our unsaved family members.

  • Pray for my son, Aaron, to surrender his life to the Lord.

  • Pray for my medical insurance to keep my husband on the policy.

  • Pray for Dylan as he struggles with constant discharge and discomfort from his tear ducts.  Pray God will heal him.

  • Pray for my sister’s family as they mourn her passing.  Pray for myself, for God’s comfort and peace through this.

  • Pray for Amelia. Pray her pain subsides and all paperwork goes through, so she can get her biopsy done.

  • Pray for the Manriquez family as they have Covid.  Pray for a healing and quick recovery.

  • Pray for the Mose’s family, their mother passed in a car accident and their father has a broken neck.

  • Pray for Gracie. Pray she would find her comfort and answers in God and look to Him only.  Pray for her parents, Joe and Alma.

  • Pray for my body.  It does not feel normal. Pray I will find out what is causing this.

  • Pray for Ana, who has several tests and physical exams coming up this week.

  • Pray for the Chairez family as they mourn the passing of their loved one.

  • Pray for the upcoming VBS and all the children that will be attending.

  • Pray for my brother, who is still mourning the passing of little Jaxson.

  • Pray that I may be able to visit my father soon.

  • Pray for my children who are not walking with the Lord.

  • Pray for Yasmeen.  Pray that she would surrender her life completely to God and attend church faithfully.

  • Pray for Pete, who is 90 years old and has health issues.

  • Pray that the Monks in China would hear and receive the gospel.

  • Pray for my friends in China, Michael and Sanda.  Pray for their salvation.

  • Pray for my daughter Theresa’s home to sell.  Pray for her finances.            

  • Pray for Christy’s family as they mourn her passing.

  • Pray for all those going through tough times and for God to give me wisdom.

  • Pray for Christian, who suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm.  Pray for complete healing.  Pray for the family.

  • Pray for our youth.  Pray that God would equip us with the right words and actions to protect them from the evils around them at school and in media of all kinds.

  • Pray for my two children who are incarcerated.  Pray they surrender their lives to God.

  • Pray for healing and strength for Sergio as he is battling cancer.  Pray for Katherine to continue to heal after her surgery and the control of her diabetes.

  • Pray for David, who was in a car accident and is in the hospital.

  • Pray for Jose; his marriage has been damaged by addiction.

  • Pray for Manuel’s healing of his kidneys.  Pray as his name has been put on the kidney transplant list.

  • Praise the Lord! He answered my prayers regarding my daughter and grandson.

  • Pray for our marriage.  Pray we would learn to forgive. Pray for Tatiana.

  • Pray for Liz as she battles breast cancer.  Pray for her children.

  • Pray God will guide my daughter in her decision-making.  Pray He would give me peace and understanding.

  • Pray for Tonya.  Pray God delivers her from addictions and sin in her life.

  • Pray for my family as they need Jesus desperately in their lives.

  • Pray for my brother, who is battling cancer.

  • Pray God would bless me with a godly wife.

  • Pray for Carlos; he is battling addiction.  Pray God would guide him back to sobriety.

  • Pray for Steve.  Pray God would heal his tumorous cancer.


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