• Pray for my siblings, parents, and my in-laws. Pray for peace in their path when things seem to get unbearable.

  • Pray for baby Ellie. Pray her lungs fully develop. That she may be able to absorb oxygen at normal levels. Pray for her parents.

  • Pray for Steven. Pray for his health as he waits for his transplant.

  • Pray for my brother-in-law, Steve, who has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and has started Chemo.

  • Pray for Darlene, who has been diagnosed with Covid. Pray for her husband, who has diabetes and heart conditions. May the Lord‘s protection be upon them.

  • Pray for the upcoming Easter Services.  Pray God will prepare the hearts of the people who will attend.

  • Pray for my friend, who has Cancer.  Pray for healing and strength.

  • Pray for my daughter, Charlene, who has Covid.

  • Pray for the Ruiz family, who are mourning the passing of their beloved mother, Angie.

  • Pray for my neighbor, Marco, who is being aggressive and hostile toward my family and property.

  • Pray for Myrna, as she is having a hard time coping with the passing of her Mother and Brother. Pray for comfort and peace.

  • Pray for Marcelina, who has Covid.  Pray for God to heal her body.

  • Pray for Suzi, Mike, Jeff and Tom.  Pray for their salvation.

  • Pray for Becky, whose aunt just passed.  Pray for God’s comfort and peace.

  • Pray for Tyler, who is incarcerated.  Pray he has opportunities to share his faith.

  • Pray for the Salazar family, who are mourning the passing of their beloved mother and wife, Denise.

  • Pray for the Espinosa family as they mourn the passing of their loved one.

  • Pray for Anna’s husband, who has stage 4 Cancer.

  • Pray for my friend who is pregnant with her first child and has a medical condition that can put the baby at risk.

  • Pray for Larry, who has Covid and is in the hospital.  Pray God gives his family wisdom with this situation.

  • Pray for Art, who has blood cancer and is going through Chemo. Pray for protection for his wife.

  • Pray for Sandy, who had an aneurysm.  Pray for her recovery. Pray for her teenage daughter, who has a terminal illness.

  • Pray for the Romero family, who suffered the loss of a loved one.

  • Pray for Eric, who has Covid. Pray for his healing and full recovery.

  • Pray for Holly, who had an ultrasound done and, a lesion was found in her body.

  • Pray for my son, who has returned to his old lifestyle. Pray for wisdom and strength for his mother.

  • Pray for Shelia. Her Cancer has come back.

  • Pray for my personal life.  Pray for my grandchildrens’ safety and well-being.

  • Pray for my grandson, Michael, who is in bondage to drugs.

  • Pray for Shantai and her family.  Pray for her grandfather and father, who have Covid.

  • Pray for Ayden, who has asthma and now has Covid.

  • Pray for Katelyn, who has Covid and is living with her sister and mother and have compromised immune systems.

  • Pray for my wife and daughter; they have anger and hurt towards each other and myself.

  • Pray for Rudy’s family as they mourn his passing.

  • Pray for Roger, who has Covid and High Blood Pressure. Pray for his salvation.


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