• Pray for Nicole, she was in a car accident and is in serious condition.  Pray for her healing and salvation.

  • Pray for Bea's salvation.  Pray God would remove her fear of Covid and she returns to church.

  • Pray for Susana, who has cancer.  Pray for her recovery and salvation.

  • Pray for Rosario, who is ill.  Pray her doctors will find what is wrong.

  • Pray for Rosalind and her husband, who have Covid.

  • Pray my company will be used to glorify God.  Pray, I will be able to keep it.

  • Pray for Deborah's eyesight to improve and her diabetes to stabilize.

  • Pray for my Uncle Steve and Aunt Jackie's healing.

  • Pray for a quick approval of new permits to allow the Café to reopen.

  • Pray for Lorraine's health and finances.

  • Pray court proceedings resolve quickly and I am able to adopt the boys.

  • Pray for Margaret who has been hospitalized for the past 3 weeks with pneumonia.

  • Pray my nieces' surgery goes well.

  • Pray that my mon gets well soon.

  • Pray for the Alvarado family they are sick with Covid.

  • Pray my daughter and I will have God's protection as we return to church.

  • Pray for my dad; he threw out his back and has health issues.

  • Pray for my marriage; I received divorce papers today.  Pray, I may be strong and have courage through this difficult time.

  • Pray for the Ahumada family as they mourn the loss of their beloved, Uncle Fred.

  • Pray for the prodigals.

  • Pray for my wife, she has pneumonia and suffered a minor heart attack and stroke.

  • Pray for my biopsy results to come back normal.  Pray, I may get pregnant and carry a healthy baby.

  • Pray for my daughter, Theresa, to overcome her fear of Covid.

  • Pray for Hazel, she was placed in hospice.

  • Pray for Suzi's finances.

  • Pray for the complete healing of my uterus and my marriage.  Pray, I give up alcohol use and give my depression to God for healing.

  • Pray for wisdom regarding dating a young lady that God will be in the details of a possible relationship.

  • Pray my company can survive and receive funding.

  • Pray for my daughter's medical appointment. Pray everything comes out normal with her test.

  • Pray for Gina.  Pray for the healing of her body and restoration of her abilities.

  • Pray for my finances and that we would be able to purchase a home soon.

  • Pray Vikki and Oliver would surrender their lives to the Lord.

  • Pray for Tonya's health and healing.

  • Pray for Frankie; he has Diabetes and is in the hospital.  Pray his sugar levels stabilize

  • Pray for Linden; she has Covid and pneumonia.

  • Pray for my granddaughter, Tina, that she would be blessed with a godly man.

  • Pray for Henry.  Pray for direction in buying a new vehicle.

  •  Pray Betty stops her alcohol and pill abuse and she returns to church.

  • Pray for the Vigil family as they mourn the passing of their loved one.

  • Pray for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter, Daniel and Ann. Pray for wisdom and protection at home and in the workplace.

  • Pray for the people of the United States, European Union, and Poland to find freedom from false religion and come to faith in Jesus Christ.


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