• Pray for Ralph.  He has a cyst on his brain. Pray his surgery and recovery goes well and he doesn’t have brain damage. 

  • Pray for Teresa’s continued healing and for her family. 

  • Pray for Fernando who needs brain surgery. Pray for his family, his recovery and for his sister, who is a military doctor serving in New York. 

  • Pray for Debbie’s continued healing and treatment. Pray she gains strength and weight. 

  • Pray for Ramona’s health. Pray the Lord would intervene in her cancer issue. Pray the Lord would open up doors so she can start receiving treatment. 

  • Pray for my son, Steven, and for all law enforcement officers who are trying to keep the peace. 

  • Pray for my son Matt’s salvation, that Jesus would get his attention. 

  • Pray for my son Christian, that the Lord would draw him to Himself. 

  • Pray for my son Scott’s salvation. 

  • Pray for Shirley; she was put on hospice due to cancer. 

  • Pray for my wife Lydia, she was diagnosed with cancer. Pray for wisdom for the doctors who are treating her.  

  • Pray for Manuel’s finances.  

  • Pray for my sister Teresa’s health. 

  • Pray for all the front-line workers of Loma Linda during this Coronavirus.

  • Pray for the Thomlin family.

  • Pray for my family who do not know the Lord that He would draw them to Himself. 

  • Pray for those who are sick or quarantined due to the Coronavirus. 

  • Pray for Shane and Susan. Pray for Susan’s health. 

  • Pray for the youth services which have resumed.  

  • Pray for me, that I can continue helping my family and the Lord continue to strengthen me. 

  • Pray for me and my family. Pray the Lord gives me the knowledge I need for the job I am in. Pray for my drinking problem and that I return to walking with the Lord. 

  • Pray for my uncle Miguel who is battling with cancer. Pray for his and his family’s salvation.

  • Pray for our Pastors here at Calvary Chapel Rialto as they work continuously to send God’s message to all the congregation via livestream. 

  • Pray for the Salazar family.

  • Pray for our local, state and federal governments. Pray they would seek the Lord before making decisions which impact the nation.  

  • Pray for Angie who was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. Pray for her complete healing. Pray the Lord would comfort and strengthen her as she goes through chemotherapy. 

  • Pray for my mom who is battling dementia. Pray also for my sister, her caretaker, that the Lord would give her strength during this time. 

  • Pray for Grace’s health. Pray she would follow her doctor’s orders. 

  • Pray for my son Joseph’s safety and for his family. Pray for the Lord’s protection over my grandchildren. 

  • Pray for our elderly mother’s health. Pray the pain in her body would subside.

  • Pray for justice and advocacy from the state and other agencies as they address the neglect and abuse suffered from nurses. Pray for a season of peace and thriving. 

  • Pray for our school at Calvary Chapel Rialto, that the Lord would continue to guide our Pastors regarding re-opening guidelines. Pray for our school staff and students. 


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