• Pray for Angel to return to the ways of the Lord.

  • Pray for my niece and her 13-year-old son who is having problems at school and at home. Pray for wisdom and guidance. 

  • Pray for Teresa’s continued healing. Pray for her family.

  • Pray for Debbie’s continued healing and treatment. Pray she gains strength and weight.

  • Pray for Connie’s health. Pray she will be healed from pneumonia. Pray the Lord would give the doctors wisdom.

  • Pray for my sister-in-law Maria, who is having heart problems. Pray the Lord will reveal the true problem to the doctor and give him wisdom as to her treatment.

  • Pray for our mother, Maria’s health. Pray her back pain would subside and that the swelling in her feet would go down.

  • Pray for Jane’s family as she has gone home to be with the Lord.

  • Pray the Lord would open up the door for Janae and Albert to find a job.

  • Pray for our marriage. Pray we would make the Lord the center of our lives.

  • Pray for P.M. who was just diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Pray he will do as the doctor instructs. Pray his wife will able to live with health issues

  • Pray for my family who does not know the Lord.  Pray the Lord would draw them to Himself.

  • Pray for my brother-in-law Louie who has lost hearing in his ears. Pray the Lord would guide the doctors regarding his treatment.

  • Pray for my sister’s marriage. Pray my brother-in-law would come alongside her and seek the Lord.

  • Pray for Belen who suffered a stroke. Pray for her upcoming surgery. Pray for complete healing and recovery. Pray for her family.

  • If it is His will, pray the Lord would provide me a godly spouse.

  • Pray for my niece, Yvonne. Pray she would put the Lord first in her life.

  • Pray for Eduardo who gave his life to the Lord. Pray he would remain strong in the Lord.

  • Pray Mark and Daisy would rededicate their lives to the Lord.

  • Pray for our friends who are starting their own business. Pray the Lord would bless their business and that they would continue to put Him first in their lives.

  • Pray for my husband, our marriage and our children. Pray for my husband’s anger issues. Pray my daughter will come back to the Lord.

  • Pray for my husband, Don, as he looks for a job. Pray the Lord would place him where He wants him to work.

  • Pray for my daughter’s complete healing. Pray her test results will come back perfect. Pray also that her brother turns back to Jesus.

  • Pray for my husband, Alfredo, who had rotator cuff surgery last year and may need another surgery. Pray for his complete healing.

  • Praise God that He provided a local job for Eduardo. Pray he would go to church with his family.

  • Pray for my health and finances. Pray the Lord would remove all my fears.

  • Pray for Danny who has stage four cancer.

  • Pray for my boyfriend and I  to have a healthy relationship and get married if it is God’s will for our lives.


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