• Pray for my brother-in-law who has started Chemo.  Pray God will remove his cancer.

  • Pray for Maria who has cancer.  Pray for Athina, who is in an abusive relationship.  Pray God will deliver her from this situation.

  • Pray for Deanna who has cancer and has upcoming treatments.

  • Pray for Phyllis as she will have hip surgery.  Pray she eats healthy and stays healthy.

  • Pray for the Ruiz family who are mourning the passing of their beloved mother, Angie.

  • Pray for the Salazar family who are mourning the passing of their beloved mother and wife, Denise.

  • Pray that all the prodigals come back to Jesus.

  • Pray for Alan’s recovery; may it be quick, painless and complete.

  • Pray for my husband, who has stage-4 Sarcoma Cancer.  Pray for my family.

  • Pray for Kim and her newborn baby.  Pray she may recover quickly from her delivery and her newborn may grow up healthy and strong.

  • Pray for John, who lost his two sons and is feeling hopeless.  Pray for his salvation.

  • Pray for Joseph, who has cancer.  Pray for healing and his family.

  • Pray for Sandra, who had heart surgery.  Pray God will heal her and comfort her heart.

  • Pray for Dylan, who is not saved and has diabetes.  Pray for his family.

  • Pray for Margaret, who is struggling with an illness.  Pray God will heal her and that she may return to church.

  • Pray for my Aunt, Rose, who will begin Chemo for stage-4 brain cancer.

  • Pray for Frank and Elizabeth.  Pray God will reveal himself to them.  Pray their hearts may be softened towards the Lord.

  • Pray for Jan, who has congestive heart failure.

  • Pray for Cindy, who has been diagnosed with cancer.  Pray for my niece, Angela, who is battling cancer.

  • Pray for the Duff family.  Pray God will bless them with a healthy baby boy.

  • Pray for Linda, who is filled with anger and depression.  Pray she may receive the free gift of salvation.

  • Pray for Maria, who had surgery.  Pray she may recover quickly.

  • Pray for Sergio to continue to grow in the Lord.

  • Pray for my friends, Ruben and Christabell’s, marriage.  Pray they may lean on the Lord for strength.

  • Pray for my daughter, Melissa, to come to Christ.

  • Pray for Pete’s safety and the restoration of his mind.

  • Pray for my Aunt Marie, who has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray for her healing.

  • Pray for the Ruff family who recently lost a loved one.

  • Pray for my household; there is a lot of sin, anger and turmoil.

  • Pray for Lupe, who had a stroke.  Pray for his family to continue to help him.

  • Pray for Anna, who is in the hospital.   Pray for healing and a quick recovery.

  • Pray for Andy who had surgery.  Pray there would be no complications during the recovery process.

  • Pray for my son, Victor, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

  • Pray for Rosie who had a brain aneurysm and emergency surgery.

  • Pray for Laura and her family as they need encouragement.

  • Pray for Marta as she begins Chemo for the next 6 months.

  • Pray for Yolie who has cancer that has traveled to all her organs.

  • Pray for my son, Carlos, to return to the Men’s Bible Study.

  • Pray for my son, David; he is in the Marines and suffers from health issues.  Pray he gets the help he needs.

  • Pray for my niece Clarissa’s health.

  • Pray for Chuck who has renal failure and needs Jesus in his life.  Pray he finds peace.

  • Pray for the Martinez family.  Pray God may heal them.


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