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Pray For Others
  • Pray for a marriage of 35 years.  Pray that the husband gives his life to God and leaves the past behind. 

  • Pray for Joseph, who has a rare form of Leukemia.   

  • Pray that Klarissa gets the position she applied for.

  • Pray for Tita’s quick recovery and strength. 

  • Pray for Agustina’s health; she has cancer. Pray for her son, Lloner.  Pray that he gives himself to the Lord and heals mentally and physically.

  • Pray for a miracle for Steve.  Pray that God removes his tumor and he gets his strength back.

  • Pray that my nieces stay away from my daughter and that my son receives his full benefits.    

  • Pray for a husband’s anxieties, sadness, and self-doubt to leave him.  Pray that he regains his joy and for his marriage to be filled with the Lord’s Spirit.   

  • Pray for Tonya and her family; pray for deliverance from addictions and sin.

  • Pray for Clara and her mom; pray for provision and health.

  • Pray for Stach and her daughter; pray for provision. 

  • Pray for Tim’s business and provision.  

  • Pray for Raymond’s and Sam’s salvation. 

  • Pray for the California School for the Deaf.  They have raised the LGBTQ flag and promoted Pride Month.  Pray for the children that attend there. Pray for Sosefina and her Christian coworkers to rise and fight for the truth.      

  • Pray that Shay finds a godly man.

  • Pray for 15-year-old Grace; she was born with half a heart and has lesions in her liver.  Pray that it is not cancer and that she can have a heart transplant.              

  • Pray for Steve who is bedridden and in pain.  Pray the doctors can figure out a diagnosis. 

  • Pray for the Herrera family.  Pray for their finances, car repairs and to find jobs.

  • Pray for Julie. Pray that her physical pain goes away. 

  • Pray for Jose, who’s scheduled to leave for the Military soon but has plantar fasciitis and is on a time crunch to heal.  Pray for healing and readiness in this new chapter of his life.

  • Pray for Gladys, who’s not able to attend service.

  • Pray for Lorraine’s salvation, healing and finances.

  • Pray for Seve’s salvation and health.  

  • Pray for Joe’s salvation and healing from cancer.  

  • Pray for Phil’s finances and a life partner. 

  • Pray for Lisa’s deliverance and salvation.  

  • Pray for Gabriel’s new shift change, job and home situation, and wisdom.      

  • Pray for Kathy, who has serious health issues and is caring for her elderly mother.  Pray for wisdom and healing. 

  • Pray for Travis, who has esophagus pain and is on a strict diet.  Pray for healing and for his faith to be strengthened. 

  • Pray for wisdom and strength for an individual and his family.

  • Pray for one-year-old Michael Jr, who has hearing problems.

  • Pray for spiritual protection and strength for an individual struggling with faith.   

  • Pray for my daughter-in-law.  Pray she gets more time off work to care for her miracle baby.   

  • Pray for Steve.  Pray he finds a job and does not get evicted.  

  • Pray for Levi, who is three years old and is having trouble sleeping.  Pray that he manages his emotions healthily and for contentment, joy and love for his mom Tara.

  • Pray for a new family in the church, who are seeking the Lord and are in desperate need of housing suitable for their family.  

  • Pray for my sister, Betty, who is in the hospital.   

  • Pray for Debbie, who has bronchitis.  Pray for her healing. 

  • Pray for Raymond, who is ill.  Pray for healing and salvation.

  • Pray for Daniel and Stella, who have upcoming doctor’s appointments.  Pray all goes well with their health. 

  • Pray for Devon, who has chronic gastritis issues.  Pray for his nausea to go away so he can get better.   

  • Please continue to pray for Esther’s recovery.

  • Pray for Henry, who is in a domestic and financial abuse situation.  Pray he has the strength to seek help. 

  • Pray for Troy, who lost his job.  Pray that he seeks God and His Word, not the world. 

  • Pray for James.  Pray that he stays the course and does not allow fleshly desires to set in and for a hedge of protection over him.  

  • Pray for Corina’s upcoming doctor's appointment.  Pray she gets the care she needs to continue caring for Dominique and doing God’s work.

  • Pray for my sister, who has difficulties keeping a job.

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

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