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Pray For Others
  • Pray for the Paysse’s family’s salvation and health. Pray for them to find good tenants.

  • Pray for my faith to continue to grow. Pray God reveals himself and for overall health.

  • Pray for Steve’s marriage and protection over his family. Pray for EDD, financial, and legal issues. Pray for the salvation of Steve’s, Gina’s, Madison’s, and Rio’s families.

  •  Pray for Daniel’s life that he can grow in his walk with God. Pray that God gives him wisdom over his career and his book.

  • Pray for Sury’s referral to remove a growth on her vocal cord and lymph node. Pray for a clean bill of health.

  • Praise report: Alicia’s C-section went smoothly. Her and the baby are healthy and safe.

  • Pray for Maria. Pray for her tumor and overall health.

  • Pray for Steve’s complete healing.

  • Pray for DJ as he’s healing from a fractured wrist.

  • Pray for Kylie. Pray for healing as she’s in the ICU and has leukemia.

  • Pray for Dick’s gallbladder infection.

  • Pray for Clara and her mother’s health along with some financial and work difficulties.

  • Pray for Hadassah’s health issues.

  • Pray for Tonya’s delivery and freedom from addiction.

  • Prayer for Steve’s marriage and family as they are struggling financially. Pray the Lord will provide and direct their paths. Pray for problems due to EDD or IRS.

  • Pray for Lisette’s cousin. Pray for healing as her cancer has returned.

  • Pray for those who have lost a parent or children; pray the Lord grants them His peace and comfort. 

  • Pray for abandoned mothers who are alone due to their faith or life choices.  

  • Praise report: Steve has had amazing results. His tumor is gone. Please pray his cancer is also gone.   

  • Pray for Steve and his family; pray for their salvation, finances, legal issues, and his family member’s salvation.                 

  • Pray for my daughter. Pray she heeds God’s direction in her life, fixing her eyes on Jesus.       

  • Pray for my niece. Pray her tumors are not cancerous and for her to look to the Lord for comfort and strength. 

  • Pray for those who attended Youth Camp. Pray the youth will continue to draw closer to the Lord.

  • Pray for VBS. Pray this event draws children closer to the Lord.   

  • Pray for the upcoming Marriage Matters Seminar.  

  • Pray for Veronica, who has stage 4 lung cancer. Pray for her family.

  • Pray for Adam, who is homeless and living here in Rialto.  Pray for all the homeless who live in our city and are plagued by the sins of drugs and alcohol.

  • Please pray for my marriage.

  • Please pray for Lynn’s salvation.  She is involved in witchcraft.

  • Pray for my son, Xavier, who is battling depression, mental illness, drugs, and alcohol.  Pray for his deliverance and salvation.

  • Pray for my marriage and finances.  We are severely struggling financially.  Pray for my whole family’s salvation.

  • Pray for my wife, Diana. Pray she will be encouraged to serve the Lord through our health, financial, and employment situations.

  • Pray we trust God when we are weak.  

  • Pray for victory over defeat. Pray for my endurance and the ability to be strong for my children.

  • Pray for my husband, Joseph, who is diabetic with stage 4 kidney disease requiring dialysis. Pray for strength and healing for myself, as I am also diabetic. 

  • Pray for my daughter as she takes her NCLEX-RN exam. Pray for my husband and me as we are going through financial struggles. Pray we continue to lean on the Lord.

  • Pray for my son-in-law, Joshua, who is fighting brain cancer; pray for healing. He is a husband and father. Pray also for his mother, who has stage 3 ovarian cancer. 

  • Pray for Steve's strength and healing as he goes through chemo again, now finding no tumors in his body.

  • Pray for Estie as she serves the Lord in a new church plant in Italy. Pray for strength and encouragement. 

  • Pray for my sister and brother who struggle with addiction; pray that the Lord would set them free. 

Prayer Request

Prayer Request

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