• Pray for my sister, Maryann, who has an aggressive form of cancer. Pray for her salvation. 

  • Pray for Teresa’s continued healing and for her family. 

  • Pray for my granddaughter Hailey as she starts her first year of university. Pray she would continue to seek the Lord. 

  • Pray for Jose as he recovers from surgery. Pray his body would be strengthened.

  • Pray for Armand and Peggy. Pray for their family that has Covid-19. Pray they are able to attend church again soon. Pray for the family as they grieve the passing of their mother. 

  • Pray for Xochitl. Pray the Lord gives her victory in her trials. 

  • Pray for Phillip’s healing. 

  • Pray for my husband, Victor. Pray he seeks the Lord. Pray for my daughter’s health.

  • Pray for my niece, Angela, who was diagnosed with cancer. Pray she would recover quickly from surgery. 

  • Pray for my daughter Cindy’s wounds to heal.

  • Pray for Marina and Athina. Pray they are able to get a house. 

  • Pray for Alice’ family as she has gone to be with the Lord. Pray for unity in the family. 

  • Pray for Rudy who was diagnosed with Covid-19. Pray he recovers quickly. 

  • Pray for our upcoming Church events: Men’s and Women’s Bible studies, Church Picnic, Enjoying Marriage Conference and Women’s Dinner Fellowship. 

  • Pray for those who are sick or quarantined due to the Coronavirus. 

  • Pray for Chris as he mourns the loss of his uncle. Pray for his family.

  • Pray for my husband and I as we consider moving out of state. Pray the Lord would continue to guide us. Pray for our children and grandchildren. 

  • Pray for baby Dylan’s health. Pray he will not need surgery. Pray the Lord would comfort and strengthen my wife and I during this time. 

  • Pray for our Pastors at Calvary Chapel Rialto as they work continuously to send God’s message to all the congregation via livestream. Pray for the decisions they make as we begin to resume studies and events. 

  • Pray for my brother and his wife. Pray they continue to seek the Lord.  

  • Pray for our local, state and federal governments. Pray they would seek the Lord before making decisions which impact the nation.  

  • Pray for Jose who was put on hospice. Pray his family would be strengthened and comforted.   

  • Pray for baby Samuel. Pray the Lord would strengthen his body. Pray for his parents.  

  • Pray the Lord will guide me and help me have a better understanding of His will for my life. Pray I have a deeper relationship with the Lord.   

  • Pray for Christian; he is hospitalized with Covid-19. Pray he has a quick recovery. 

  • Pray for Calvary Chapel Rialto school. Pray the Lord would continue to guide our Pastors regarding re-opening guidelines. Pray for our school staff and students. 


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