• Pray for Doris. Pray for the swelling in her leg.

  • Pray for our son in law. Pray he would take his responsibility of father and husband seriously. Pray he would make the Lord first in his life.

  • Pray for my business. Pray the Lord would take control of the situation.

  • Pray for comfort and peace for our family as our mother has gone home to be with the Lord.

  • Pray for Debbie whose cancer has returned.  Pray for strength as she goes through chemotherapy, wisdom for the doctors and her complete healing.

  • Pray for Teresa who is recovering from surgery. Pray the Lord would give the doctors wisdom as to her further treatment.

  • Pray for Gloria who was diagnosed with aggressive, stage 4 cancer of the brain.  Pray she truly knows the Lord and for her family also.

  • Pray for the students and teachers here at Calvary Chapel Rialto School and Preschool as they start the new year.

  • Pray for Rod’s dad who has cancer in his liver, kidneys, throat and shoulder.  Pray for his chemo treatments.  Pray for Rod and his family to have wisdom and strength through this.

  • Pray for Michael’s mom who is having complications after surgery.  Pray there is no neurological damage.  Pray the family would be comforted and strengthened during this time.

  • Praise God for Frank’s healing.  He will be going home from the hospital.

  • Pray for Jane who is recovering from a stroke.

  • Pray Krislyn who is recovering from surgery.

  • Pray for me, as I have an autoimmune disorder which is causing chronic pain and the doctors say there is no cure. Pray the Lord will heal me and be glorified.

  • Pray for the Rivera family as they mourn the passing of their son.

  • Pray for Eric and his family. Pray the Lord would reveal Himself to him. Pray for his wife to dedicate her life to the Lord. Pray for Jude to grow up loving and worshiping Jesus.

  • Pray for the Bible studies that will resume in January.  Pray that people will attend and be blessed by the Word.

  • Pray for the missions that Calvary Chapel Rialto supports:  Gideons, CCTecate, CCLanders, Chosen People, Advancing Native Missions, Intensive Care Ministries, Family Research Council, U-Turn for Christ

  • Pray for Mike who is in a lot of pain. Pray for his healing. Pray also for his wife who is battling cancer.  Pray for peace in this storm in their lives.

  • Pray for Mark and Daisy. Pray they would start coming to church.  Pray they would get married. Pray Mark finds a new job.

  • Pray for Teresa. Pray the Lord would provide a place for her to live.

  • Pray for Jackie’s health. Pray her ear infection will be healed. 

  • Pray for the Mendoza family’s health.  Pray the Lord would heal them.

  • Pray for Janae who is planning to go to nursing school. Pray the Lord would guide her according to His will.

  • Pray for healing for Marina and Athena.

  • Pray for wisdom our Pastors, Elders and Deacons as they study and lead our congregation.

  • Pray for our children.  Pray the Lord would flood their hearts with the desire to avoid the world and to serve Him.

  • Pray for Mike who has been diagnosed with cancer.  Pray the Lord will give the doctors wisdom as to his treatment.  Pray for his family.

  • Pray for our granddaughters. Pray they would unite as sisters.  Pray for the Lord would strengthen their mom through all the problems they are having.

  • Pray for Danny who has stage four cancer.

  • Pray for my relationship with my boyfriend. Pray the Lord helps him with his anger issues.

  • Pray for my niece who is battling thyroid and brain cancer.

  • Pray she gives her life to the Lord.


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